Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chuhuac - Melee Poses Revealed

Hey all,

Just another quick update to show the new greens I received pictures of. This time it's the melee posed Chuhuac.

These figures are cast in a number of poses that mirror their fighting style. The six poses depict the Chuhuac troopers crouched, slashing, biting and even leaping at their foes. While close combat is not preferred, they are well suited and naturally equipped for it and their fast hit and run tactics often bring them closer to their enemies than many other forces.

The figures are going to be cast with their guns separate so that you can place the weapons where you like. We designed them with the Chuhuac's high-tech in mind, assuming a sort of magnetic or molecular adhesion that allows them to park the weapons anywhere on their armor. Of course you could put the weapons in their hands or even on the ground if you like.

It has been remarked that these poses will also make a good bases for conversions of casualties as well as techs, and others sorts of field personnel that you might not want to have a weapon in hand.

Lunging and leaping!

Slashing and crouching!

Slashing and crouching!

Biting and kicking!

Thanks for taking a look!

We grow ever closer to being able to sink teeth and talon into our enemies...