Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Ikwen Uprising is Upon Us

Ikwen Coming March 4th, 2015

Over a generation ago, the planet Kwiell was set upon by aliens bent on exploiting the natural resources of the planet. The planet's native population, the Ikwen, found themselves suddenly enslaved and their society rocked as they were enslaved, put to work and in many cases hunted and killed. The Ikwen have spent decades in frustrated servitude to these invading overlords, hedging on their beliefs and their close-knit kinship ties to get them through. It was only when the invaders sought to remove their spiritual identities that they found the courage to rise up and go to war.

The conflict began as acts of sabotage, ambushes and in some cases organized resistance but as time went on it grew into a very real, very active militia war. Weapons were procured through theft or the trade of the very resources they had been robbed of. Groups of soldiers took to the wilderness, the highlands and steppes where they enlisted the locals there into their fight. Ancient desert fortresses and settlements were once more turned into homes for fighters and their families. Ancient warrior traditions and less-spoken of factions found a renewed place in the world.

The Ikwen are one side of an asymmetric war against a higher tech, invading enemy. They fight in a less organized, militia style, utilizing acquired weapons, not of their of own manufacture.

While we see them as very much freedom-fighting indigenous life forms, use them as alien invaders, allies, mercenaries or even lower tech indigenous forces for more organized warfare.

On 4th March 2015 we will be releasing the next packs in the Loud Ninja Games range at . These will be the Ikwen as described in the words of their imagineer Eli Arndt. Sculpted by Roderick Campbell there will be three packs and a platoon pack with saving.

Here are pictures of the codes for you to look at:

RAP016 Ikwen Militia with Assault Rifles (6 in pack)

RAP018 Ikwen Militia with Light Machine Gun (6 in pack – 3 poses)

RAP017 Ikwen Militia with Rocket Launchers (6 in pack – 3 poses)

RAP016P Ikwen Militia Platoon (24) with saving!

We will be putting up more information real soon in a background posting before the release. These are lovely 15mm sci-fi miniatures with an original idea behind them and we love them.

We hope you do too.

-Eli and Gavin

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ikwen on The Horizon

Previewing The Upcoming Ikwen Pack Contents

Hello all,

February saw the release of Alien Encounters and Wasteland Mutants and, as we move on toward March, we are now working on organizing the Ikwen packs for release.

I have received test casts from the master molds and they are looking very nice. While inspecting them, I snapped a pic of how they will be arranged in their packs. There are three packs to kick off the range, each containing six figures -

1) Militia with assault rifles (bottom right) which is six individual poses.

2) Militia with missile launchers (top) - two of each of three poses.

3) Militia with Light Machineguns (bottom left) - tow of each of three poses.

We are shooting for a March release on these, as early as possible. Further announcement will be made when an exact time is figured out.

When they are released, they will be put on our store page on