Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chuhuac Kickstarter Is Green Lighted


Exciting news for all you Chuhuac and Loud Ninja Games fans and supporters!

With the amazing feedback and support I have received over these awesome Space Raptors, I have decided that there is no good reason not to try to push things into overdrive and go ahead with a Kickstarter campaign.. You have all shown that you really like this idea and, every possible pun intended, it's got legs.

A successful Kickstarter will mean the ability to get going with not just platoon assets but to start working on higher command, specialist troops and maybe even vehicles. The basic campaign will cover the aforementioned 12 poses as well as five new poses. Stretch goals will be used to extend the range of what I will be able to roll out with right away.

So, why the advanced posting?

Kickstarter campaigns are challenging and ultimately I am asking you all to invest in my great idea. Honestly, this means money. It's out of respect for that, that I wanted to give advanced notification that the Kickstarter had gone from a consideration to a definite. This will allow you loyal LNGers to prepare for the campaign so that we may all attain maximum benefit from the endeavor. We can make this happen bigger and badder with more teeth than ever!

So, when does it roll?

As it stands, I am shooting for October. Kickstarter is all geared up and ready to go save a few bits of polish on my end. So, unless Kickstarter pulls a whammy on me, I'm ready to go for October. 

So, watch this space as well as TMP and Facebook for the announcement for when the campaign is a go.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and loyalty throughout what has been a very strange and educational process. The goal is in site...



Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Logos

Thanks to a fellow 15mm scifi gamer and blogger, Colin,  Loud Ninja Games now has a whole host of new logos for just about every occasion. Colin runs the Eclipsing Binaries blog that has featured some top notch 15mm scifi stuff.

I've decided to show a few of them below.

Thanks for the snappy work Colin,


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thinking Chuhuac Power Armor

As the machine grinds away on bringing you the debut packs for the Chuhuac, my imagination continues to spin out of control on what things may join them on the battlefield in the future.

One of the constant requests in 15mm science fiction is power armored troops for new armies. I imagine that the Chuhuac will be no different. Making power armor for something shaped like a semi-bipedal dinosaur presents a fair challenge and in considering how to go about it, I find myself with two particular things I'd like to accomplish -

  1. Accommodate the dinosaur anatomy in a way that reinforces it and protects it, while allowing it to function in a manner that is consistent with its overall geometry.
  2. Design a look that does not look like a robo raptor or a Zoid.
Below are some images of some of the ideas I have come up with. The idea if an enclosed clam shell arrangement that keeps the head and neck protected. The trooper inside would use micro-cameras and HUDs to operate without fear of a vulnerable neck to torso connection in a servo-assisted armor suit. The other notable feature is the simplified tail that remains flexible at the base so that it can operate as a rudder, allowing the raptor a very natural movement. I also thought that the new rigid tail could be a good place for the suit's heat exchange system.

As for the weapons configuration, I figured the use of hands might not be all that necessary for battlefield purposes, so I relegated the arms to small, anti-personnel weapon mounts. In fact, I've even considered these being just weapons mounts without the trooper's arms in them at all. Still, this might change because hands can still be useful.

Main armament currently takes the form of weapon pods on the back of the power armor. The primary weapons tech for the Chuhuac is energy/plasma based so ammo feeds need be nothing more than power lines in the housing. Missiles, plasma cannons, rapid-fire lasers, all manner of fun could be put back there, though I think any final designs will have smaller, sleeker weapon pods than these sketches show.

All of the pictures here are just really quick conceptual sketches and brainstorming on paper. Heck these are right off my camera phone because I did them at work. I hope you like this little insight into my creative process and would love to hear your thoughts on this direction with the Chuhuac power armor design.

Take care and have fun!


Hey Eli! Where the $@#! are my Space Raptors!?

So here's the skinny folks.

This project is far from dead. It may be taking a LOT more time than I had hoped, but all set-backs aside, I think it's come a long way. Right now, the stage is set to enter the last stages of sculpting and hopefully I'll be able to get moving on that shortly enough either this month or next.

The possibility of a Kickstarter campaign still exists and I am polishing some ideas for that. In fact, I've got it set up and just waiting on a few last details before I push the big "GO" button. I am trying to keep the Kickstarter simple, as befits a start-up type campaign, and for the most part it will equate to a way for people to safely "pre-order" their space Raptors. there will be a few spiffs in there beyond product for those who really like to get into the spirit of Kickstarter but if all you want is lead, there will be plenty of options for you - anywhere from $10-100.

I know you've all been waiting and it's taking a while, but but I am still making progress and your patience is wonderful and appreciated.

Thanks for your continued interest,