Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Sale at Good for Loud Ninja Games Too!

Hey all,

Right now is running a spring sale. We are happy to announce that this also applies to Loud Ninja Games miniatures as well.

Until May 1st, 2015 use the discount code "spring" and receive 15% off your order. What's more you will also receive a good bag worth 10% of your total order. The contents of the goody bag will relate to your purchase. Buy fantasy, get more fantasy. Buy scifi, get more scifi. You might even get the cool SHM aliens that I have sculpted for

Now is a great time to start new forces or add to an existing one. For more details on the sale go - HERE

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ikwen Rock Village WIP - Parts One & Two

Hey folks, here are the first two videos of an ongoing terrain project for the Ikwen. This is a build to create a typical, multiple family rock village which is a common structure among the Ikwen living outside of the coastal settlements.