Saturday, November 28, 2015

Vasseth Assembly Note

With Vasseths going out to customers I have had some questions regarding the weapons combos. Most of them are pretty much up to you, but the long range accelerator cannon is designed with a specific configuration.

The cannon is designed to be coupled with the boom-mounted targeting array as shown in the renders below. The sensor array could be arranged with the drone missile pod as well if you wanted to model a long-range antitank missile variant but was originally designed to be paired with the accelerator cannon. The two identical plasma guns were the original, basic armament of the Vasseth.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

From The Wasteland Lumbers...

Terrorclops and Wasteland Buddies released by Loud Ninja Games!

Hey all,

I sit here in the early hours of Thanksgiving Day  here in the U.S. presenting, to you all, the two newest additions to my post-apocalyptic miniatures range. While my first two packs presented human-sized mutants of the gang or tribal sort, these two new figures represent a move toward larger miniatures - 

RAP028 Terrorclops (1) 5.00 GBP  is a huge mutant monster, the sort of thing that adventurers in the aftermath would encounter and overcome. I sculpted him to be monstrous and twisted have his anatomy rearranged so that his mouth is in his gut with a single eye taking up his whole face. He is armored on the back and armed with a wicked spike where a fist would be, perfect for piercing prey and feeding them to his gut maw.

RAP029 Wasteland Buddies (1) 3.00 GBP brings to you a paired up team of wastelanders. A human-sized survivor rides  atop a massive humanoid used as both companion and beast of burden. Festooned with gear the large mutant packs a a club made from a piece of an old lamp post, the concrete anchor providing a sturdy club. The smaller companion carries a long rifle for hunting and protection.

The are produced and sold across the world through our partnership with the excellent folks at For additional information these and other product from Loud Ninja Games and/or read HERE.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Vasseth Approaches - Coming November 17. 2015

The Chuhuac's first release since the original Kickstarter, the  RAP07 Vasseth Strike Tank will hit the scene on November 17, 2015. Available separately or in special unit packs, each tank will come with several weapon options allowing you to field any number of variants.

Keep an eye out here, on our Facebook page and at for more news!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Check Out The Ikwen

Loud Ninja Games...

The miniatures company where being called "four eyes" is always a compliment!

Check out the Ikwen at

RAP016P Ikwen Militia Platoon (24) - Save 5%