Saturday, January 11, 2014

Overstock Add-Ons

Hey everyone,

As noted on the Kickstarter page, we ended up with some overstock items. Also, as mentioned, we wanted to offer these to our Kickstarter backers as a way to get their hands on some of those little bits they wish they had ordered more of.

Why are we doing this?

Well, to be honest, to help with shipping costs.

How does selling more product help with shipping costs?

The Chuhuac Kickstarter campaign cost more than planned and we find ourselves at a bit of a loss for the shipping costs. It will take a bit for us to cover then early $2000 in shipping costs for the Kickstarter alone. As Loud Ninja Games has yet to open for regular retail sales, we have not brought in any additional revenue since the Kickstarter. So, to help speed things up and cover some of those shipping costs, we can sell the overstock items and apply the sales directly to overall shipping costs. A few additional items added to the orders won't tip the costs of their shipping tremendously.

So, how will this all work?

Rather than write out a list of everything we have left and create a mad dash for the goods, we figured we would invite you all to email us at with any requests for additional products. These will be supplied on a first come, first served basis while supplies last. Once we have a chance to sort out the orders, we will then send off PayPal invoices (sorry this is the only way for us to take payments at this time). Once payment has been made, the items will be added to the sorted orders.

How long will we be doing this?

Requests for last minute add-ons will continue until all stock is gone or February 1st, 2014, whichever comes first.

So, can we give you any hints as to what we have left?

Yes, the main things we have available are RAP 001 Troopers, RAP 002 Heavy/Leaders, RAP 008 Sirrush APC. We also have some of the RAP 005 Commandos and RAP 009 Jet Bikes. 28mm fans will be happy to know we have quite a few RAP 010 28mm Squad left. There are other items available but in very limited quanitites and we are completely out of RAP 007 Battlesuits.

What will I be charged?

For these add-ons, we will be charging the Kickstarter rates. So this is a great chance to get some items before they hit retail and regular pricing. Many items may not remain structured or priced the same in retail as we now have a better idea of their production costs and will be adjusting pricing to come in line with those. Included below is a list of codes and their Kickstarter prices (some items may not be available) -

·         RAP-001 Troopers (6 fig) - $6.00
·         RAP-002 Leaders/Weapons (6 fig) - $6.00
·         RAP-003 Command Section (4 fig) - $5.00
·         RAP-004 Herdmaster (1 fig) - $1.25
·         RAP-005 Commandos (6 fig) - $6.00
·         RAP-006 Troopers Assaulting (6 fig) - $6.00
·         RAP-007 Battlesuits (2 fig) - $10.
·         RAP-008 Sirrush APC (1) - $10
·         RAP-009 Attack Bikes (3 fig) - $10.00
·         RAP-010 28mm Squad (6 fig) - $25.00

Remember to please send your requests ONLY to Requests not sent to that email will not be considered.

Thank you all for considering adding to your orders to help us cover the costs of shipping!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

They Didn't Eat The Mailman

51kg of Space Raptory Goodness

These hurtled across the pond. Sent on Monday, they are on my doorstep by Wednesday the same week. I haven't even opened them at the time of this update. I find myself gripped by a mix of excitement and apprehension.

As the "young people" like to say, "Stuff just got real" :)

More soon,