Who Are Loud Ninja Games

Loud Ninja Games was born from these interests and my desire to find a way to share my creativity with other players regardless of whether or not they are at my gaming table. While I am a sculptor of miniatures, I felt that to best achieve the results I was looking for I would also recruit the talent of those who have already established themselves and their talent in the industry.

Eli Arndt - Owner, Lead Designer
I've been gaming since I was eight years old. It all started with RPGs which led to the inevitable contact with and then eternal love of miniatures. While I am still involved in all aspects of the gaming hobby these days, miniatures are still the crown jewel. I've played the big games out there and have tromped armies across battlefields  both historical and imagined.

My lovely and amazing wife assists me with the shipping and receiving side of things. Packing and mailing orders and helping me organize inventory. Her organizational genius will make sure that things roll on smoothly. She'll have the assistance of our two amazing daughters as well.

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  1. Hello Eli Arndt, I was just going through your fascinating creations and I must admit, they're pretty awesome. I enjoyed following on different stages of your work especially the sketches.
    I'm an independent game developer whose working on my game called Primal Serenity[Working Title] for PC and MAC .I was wondering if you're interested to share your talents with us and create a universe with rich and detailed species.
    We are developing a hybrid RTS game with fun and unique gameplay with two specific Species at this stage, 1.Evolved and advanced Dinosaur alike beings with armors and weapons 2.Evolved Humans who have achieved "transcendence" by replacing every organic parts with machines. (Basically Robots ).
    If you're keen and would like more information on this project please feel free to contact me @ iraeion@yahoo.com.au
    Thank you :)