Sunday, April 8, 2012

Revised Sculpt

Received pictures of the revised sculpt from Pedro today. I like how the head turned out. I've given him the green light to go ahead and finish sculpting the rest based on this. Won't be long now before all twelve poses will be finished and ready for shipping to my mold maker. I'll post more pics as they become available.

Those interested in hearing some of Pedro's own commentary on the work he is doing for me, should check out his own blog Mr. Bug Man.

Stay tuned everyone!



  1. Looking very good, tail is a lot better and I see what you mean about the face. Comparing your first reveal to this one.. very nice.

    Look forward to the squad update! :)

  2. This looks fantastic. I really like the look of the gun and armor segments too. It's been awesome to see these go from sketch to greens.

  3. These are looking very nice. May be picking some up when they're available.