Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Nesting Day

"It is that time of year when all Chuhuac turn their memory to the time when the Great Star Mother came to rest on Sherawl and laid The First Egg from which all others came. It is Nesting Day.

Nesting day is the most profound day among the Chuhuac. It is a time for remembrance and for reestablishing family bonds. All Chuhuac celebrate in one form or another whether it is through the traditional hunts and contests of ability or the simple setting out of family/unit icons and trophies. Gifts are often exchanged between households, reinforcing bonds between families and community.

The most devout make a ritual pilgrimage to the First Nest where the ruins of the The First Egg can be found. It is a place of great reverence and historical import to the entire Chuhuac species. It represents both scientific and religious proof of their off-world origins."

The Holidays are upon us and as such it is time for all Chuhuac to remember their coming to their new home and for the people of Earth to celebrate peace and brotherhood in its many forms.

Here at Loud Ninja Games we all wish you a very Happy Holidays and look forward to growing with you in the New Year.

Please enjoy this preview of the Chuhuac Recon Bioform, a sort of cybernetically enhanced flying reptile used as a drone by Chuhuac Data/Comms Specialists. One of these will be included in in each Command Pack as the "other half" of your Data/Comms.

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