Thursday, July 18, 2013

Final Master Fixes Shipped

In the long process of pre-production, I have finally finished the last of the work left for me to do myself.

This week, I finished the last of the fixes needed on the metal masters so that they can be shipped off to the casters in the UK and be put into production molds. We've still got the final mold arrangements and the final collation of the packs to sort out, but that's it. 

The next weeks following the caster's receipt of the masters will see the production run of the miniatures to satisfy the Kickstarter. Once this is finished, I will begin arrangements for regular retail sales of Loud Ninja Games' Chuhuac range.

At this time, the all-resin APC kits are being produced and I hope to have all 200 of them in the coming weeks.

Hopefully, it's smooth sailing from here.


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