Friday, November 22, 2013

More Ikwen Concept Art

While I had planned to hold off on showing more Ikwen concept art, I decided what the heck. So, in the spirit of holiday cheer and good fun, here are some more pictures of LNG's upcoming new alien species range due out in 2014.

Enjoy More Ikwen...

A note on weapons: With the exception of the blades, the weapons in the concept art are not the final weapons that will be used in the sculpts. These were placeholders used in the concepts. The final weapons will look to have a more alien origin.


  1. I know it's heresy, but I daresay I like these blokes more than the raptors. And I love the raptors quite a bit.

    Nice preview Eli, thanks buddy.

  2. Not heresy.

    The raptors represent a sort of gimmicky creation and admittedly that is where there life began - dinosaurs with guns.

    The Ikwen are something a bit more original and one could even say organic in their conception. While they began with a simple idea, "alien insurgents", they have gone through many stages of development before they got to where they are now (thanks to Todd's awesome art).

    In future posts, I'll show off some of the primitive scribbles that lead to the Ikwen as we see them now.


  3. I like the concepts look forward to seeing the miniatures. I take it these will be 15mm?

    1. Indeed. The Ikwen will be released in 15mm scale.

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