Friday, February 7, 2014

Ikwen in Action

Designing the Ikwen, I have always had an image of their conflict in my mind, even if I have never quite assigned an enemy to them (this has become part of their appeal). In their back story they are an exploited indigenous people, rising up to fight for their home world. Part of exploring this back story has been trying to visualize what this world and their conflict might look like. To this end, I have been working with my concept artist, Todd Ulrich, to do some art that depicts their fight.

In the above picture we see several Ikwen moving through the rocky terrain of their home world. In the foreground three militia fighters move cautiously passed a long-downed flyer of alien origin. The foremost fighter packs with him a case containing extra ammunition. His companions can be see carrying Huli blades and assault rifles purchased from arms dealers, likely with valuable natural resources.

In the background, the other Ikwen are engaging an overhead enemy. The rocket launcher, hunkered down behind a half buried industrial rig is firing off his first rocket. After that, he can eject the spent canister from the disposable frame, dropping the second canister into place. ready to fire. 

I hope that you enjoy this art from Todd Ulrich. As the Ikwen miniatures progress, I hope to have some more art done. 



  1. Its a beautiful picture and I love the alien design but something I often cannot reconcile in many alien designs, even given the background (and I've only read the above) is that with all this wondrous death dealing technology the concept of protective clothing has never crossed their minds.

    1. By protective clothing do you mean jeans and a t-shirt or body armor?

  2. Really to address either side of that question, the Ikwen do not wear conventional clothing because they really have no biological or societal imperative to do so. Having evolved in the environment in which they exist, unlike humans who evolved in warmer climates and then left that behind, the Ikwen are already protected from their environment by then nature of their bodies which include a small degree of natural body armor (e.g.thick, knobby skin). They have no external genitals either, so no reproductive parts to keep safe. They do wear religious clothing in the form of the breach cloth Zkoot. Another element that keeps them from covering up too much is that they breath through slits in their abdomen that are concealed under the scale there.

    As for body armor, it comes down to availability, the same sort of availability that limits the amount of body armor seen in current day Earthly militia/rebel/insurgent/freedom fighters. We see very few examples where such groups are equipped beyond the basics of war - a gun and some ammo.