Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ikwen on The Horizon

Previewing The Upcoming Ikwen Pack Contents

Hello all,

February saw the release of Alien Encounters and Wasteland Mutants and, as we move on toward March, we are now working on organizing the Ikwen packs for release.

I have received test casts from the master molds and they are looking very nice. While inspecting them, I snapped a pic of how they will be arranged in their packs. There are three packs to kick off the range, each containing six figures -

1) Militia with assault rifles (bottom right) which is six individual poses.

2) Militia with missile launchers (top) - two of each of three poses.

3) Militia with Light Machineguns (bottom left) - tow of each of three poses.

We are shooting for a March release on these, as early as possible. Further announcement will be made when an exact time is figured out.

When they are released, they will be put on our store page on




  1. AWESOME! Any other plans for these guys? Maybe a mortar crew?

    1. J,

      I can't say that these aliens will have an analog of all modern weapons but it is a possibility. if anything, it wouldn't be hard to place Ikwen along with a mortar made by another company if i do not decide to make them myself.