Sunday, March 18, 2012

Equipping The Chuhuac

As has been mentioned in prior posts, the Chuhuac are an advanced alien species. This technological sophistication reflects in their battle gear as well. Listed below are some of the concepts I had in mind when developing the look and personality of the Chuhuac...

The standard Chuhuac battle take the form of a tough body glove made of an ultra-strong, reactive nano-fiber. Not only does this provide insulation and protection from the elements, but it also contains sophisticated bio-monitors that constantly read body functions and vital signs. These systems are an extension of an auto-doctor system housed in the back plate of the armor. When medical issues are detected, the Chuhuac can receive basic first aid and some paramedic care without the need of a medical specialist.

The interlocking plates of the Chuhuac battle dress are designed to protect the aliens' spine and torso on the back while allowing maximum flexibility. The large plate on the shoulders contains not only the auto-doc systems mentioned above, but also a micro plasma generator with several universal power converter sockets. These sockets are used to power the various special weapons as well as other specialized and even mundane field equipment. Every Chuhuac soldier is equipped with such a power source, allowing any trooper to power weapons and contribute to the power supply of any encampment or special duties.

Both the body glove and armor plates utilize advanced materials that are light, resistant to extreme temperature, corrosive and fire resistant. The materials also have limited self-healing abilities, allowing them to close minor gaps and tears on their own. Application of special materials can accelerate this process, making the suit of armor a Chuhuac is issued likely to be the only one he'll ever need.

The final features of the basic battle dress are a comms system and built in holsters on the hip armor for additional plasma charges for their basic combat rifle. The comms system allows each trooper to access the greater command and control network. An antenna on the back provides both local communications and satellite uplink. Information from this tac-comms system is accessed through a monocle HUD attached to the impact-resistant headset system that also provides specialized optics.

Chuhuac weapons technology is based around the use of charged plasma. They have learned to adapt the various characteristic of plasma to provide for a number of tactical roles on the battlefield. While heavier weapons utilize the power packs built into their battledress, smaller weapon tend to use self-contained, interchangeable power clips.

Infantry Plasma Rifle
The standard issue weapon for the Chuhuac forces is a compact plasma rifle. This weapon fires powerful bolts of plasma utilizing a select fire option to provide for single shot, controlled bursts or full automatic fire. The weapon even includes an overcharge mode that allows it to fire a powerful charge of plasma at a reduced range, functioning much like a grenade. The power clips for the weapon each carry enough of a charge to provide approximately 100 shots before reloading. This may be reduced due to insufficient maintenance, damage or over-use of the heavy fire mode.

Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)
The Chuhuac refer to these weapons as "tactical support weapon". Effectively a higher-powered, higher rate of fire version of the Infantry Plasma Weapon with enhanced coolant systems and the capacity to draw power from the universal power port on the battle dress. These weapons fire as a staggering rate but can also be fired selectively, if need be. They do not have a heavy fire mode like the plasma rifles. Their primary purpose is to provide covering fire for advancing and maneuvering troopers. There are independent power packs available for this weapon as well, allowing them to be used by Chuhuac outside their battle dress or by non-Chuhuac soldiers.

Heavy Plasma Gun
Instead of missiles and rockets, the Chuhuac continue to utilize their plasma technology to fulfill the role of heavy squad support. The heavy plasma gun take a similar system as the tactical support weapon but refocuses and calibrates the output into a dedicated heavy fire mode. The result is a weapon that is quite capable of defeating power armor, light vehicles and hardened structures. Like the tactical support weapon, the heavy plasma is also able to use independent power packs.

Body Modifications
Though a natural weapon, Chuhuac soldiers undergo bio-mechanical and bio-chemical therapy to enhance their natural anatomy. Mainly this consists of immune boosters, adaptive digestive enzymes and nano-tech toxin screens. One additional element to these sophisticated medical procedures is the introduction of bio-carbon fibers to the their bone structure. These enhance their frames, making them less vulnerable to fractures and debilitating injuries that would hamper their fleet-footed battle strategies. So enhanced, the Chuhuac needn't worry as much about an occasional careless misstep crippling them. These same carbon fiber deposits are used to enhance the strength and cutting characteristics of their natural toe claws, a hold over from their predatory ancestors. These modified claws can cut through hardened materials and slice effortlessly through flesh.

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