Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Would You Support a Kickstarter Project For LNG?

Howdy folks,

I tried to post a simple poll for this but for some reason Blogger feels that LNG does not need polls.

So, here the deal. As you all know, Loud Ninja Games is my dream to bring to miniatures gamers some cool ideas of my own that are not what everyone else is doing. I want to bring to the gaming tables some new things that pop and are fun and might not be the best sellers of all time, but will makes somebody's imagination happy. You also know that this project has been problematic.

Putting all the cards out on the table, I am committed to getting the Chuhuac out and hope that they will catapult me in a direction of a cycle of new creations and production. This however has turned out to be more difficult than I had originally planned. Everything that goes into this company has come out of my own pocket without partners or investors. I had a bit of a slingshot but then reality got in the way and my family and household needed a bit more priority. This set me back financially. The financial setback was on top of the time setback that occurred as a result of my losing Pedro on this project.

Anyhow, I am recovering, but at a slower pace than I had hoped. What it comes down to is money and right now, money will take time. And that is where Kickstarter comes in.

A successful Kickstarter project would allow me, with the help of those who believe in this company's potential, to push the release of the Chuhuac space raptors into high gear, possibly expand them and maybe even kick off a second release. The needed capital is not that great to get the beginning 12 poses out there. It would take just a little more to add more weapons options, high command, possibly even vehicles. I've got all the resources lined up. I just need to fund it.

So, let me ask you all, would you be willing to help me help you and support a creative endeavor that will release a wave of new creative juices onto the 15mm miniatures world and beyond?

Thanks for taking the time to consider this,



  1. Having just backed the Reaper bones project, I'd be more than ready to pledge for some space dinos! Its a relatively risk free endeavour from a money point of view, I say why not?

  2. I'd be up for it, given the choice between 12 figs or a complete line = nobrainer for me

  3. I'll help support a kickstarter project; I've done a kickstarter & a indiegogo already.

  4. Thanks for your interest folks.

    The initial project will be to get the trooper, command, and heavy weapon poses out - the initial 12. This line will expand into such things as support and the like but it's a matter of when.

    Stretch goals for the Kickstarter would venture into additional support options, possibly even vehicles or character types. I have ideas for snipers, jet bikes, even a tanks and troop transport.