Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ikwen For Gruntz

One of the more popular systems out for 15mm science fiction miniatures right now, is Gruntz 15mm. Gruntz is a straight forward system that allows players to build their own forces using a points system. It also allows them to build their own units and vehicles using this same points system. I have posted some reviews of the system at the end of this post but for now, let's dive into what I have done.

With the Ikwen being released I decided i wanted a way to really demonstrate how I see them being used in games. Having access to Gruntz and Gruntomatic, the free unit generator for Gruntz 15mm, I decided to tinker with some unit cards for the Ikwen. While my experience with the system is minimal, one of the beauties of the system is that it assigns descriptive values to the statistics of the game, allowing you to fit numbers to your theme and this is exactly what I did.

I have tried to post only units that can be made with the Ikwen miniatures currently available, however there are a couple that have been included, for the sake of completeness, that do not currently have miniatures. My hope is to expand the range to include all manner of units allow for a fully developed force. For those wanting to field figures for the cards that do not yet have specific figures, simple conversions will allow you to field them until such time as appropriate figures become available.

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