Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ikwen Ruin Vacation Plans

"No vacation plan survives contact with the Ikwen"

Josh, a customer and co-poster at the 15mm Scifi Miniatures Gaming Facebook Group recently posted some pics of his Ikwen. Fresh in from the mail, he put aside his current projects and not only started organizing them into units, but set to converting one of his extra squad leader poses into a commander sort.

He started with just the quick removal of the gun and the addition of a piece of wire in it's place. To this he glued a piece of plastic card in the shape a Huli blade. He then trimmed this basic shape int othe more refined shape below and blended the blade to the haft using green stuff.

This is a great example of a simple conversion that can make for a very visually satisfying leader figure. I can't wait to see it finished, but wanted to show it off in it's basic stages so folks could see the conversion work behind it. 

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