Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chuhuac Kickstarter Is Green Lighted


Exciting news for all you Chuhuac and Loud Ninja Games fans and supporters!

With the amazing feedback and support I have received over these awesome Space Raptors, I have decided that there is no good reason not to try to push things into overdrive and go ahead with a Kickstarter campaign.. You have all shown that you really like this idea and, every possible pun intended, it's got legs.

A successful Kickstarter will mean the ability to get going with not just platoon assets but to start working on higher command, specialist troops and maybe even vehicles. The basic campaign will cover the aforementioned 12 poses as well as five new poses. Stretch goals will be used to extend the range of what I will be able to roll out with right away.

So, why the advanced posting?

Kickstarter campaigns are challenging and ultimately I am asking you all to invest in my great idea. Honestly, this means money. It's out of respect for that, that I wanted to give advanced notification that the Kickstarter had gone from a consideration to a definite. This will allow you loyal LNGers to prepare for the campaign so that we may all attain maximum benefit from the endeavor. We can make this happen bigger and badder with more teeth than ever!

So, when does it roll?

As it stands, I am shooting for October. Kickstarter is all geared up and ready to go save a few bits of polish on my end. So, unless Kickstarter pulls a whammy on me, I'm ready to go for October. 

So, watch this space as well as TMP and Facebook for the announcement for when the campaign is a go.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and loyalty throughout what has been a very strange and educational process. The goal is in site...




  1. Thanks Mik,

    I must admit to be all jittery (the good way) over this prospect.


  2. im following very very closely! A - I want to help :) B) I want some figures C) Im going to do the same with my Commonwealth Infantry :)

    Here's to it working!

  3. Waiting on a few more pieces of shine to add to the presentation and then it'll go live. I have set it for 60 days as I am small and it might take time for word to spread.


  4. Yep

    I think the timing bit is the tricky part! How long do you give it, how much time do you keep pushing it etc etc! Nothing worse than people pleading! :)

  5. I think if you are going to run it for 60 days, then it is best to explain why in the details. Honesty is always a good policy.

    You will have the distinct advantage of having already released product.


  6. Love the work, I am not a great fan of John Ringo and his legends of Aldernata series but your armies would be nice 15mm Proxies for POSLEEN... This combined with things like my Cold War Tanks and Infantry would make Wargaming this series a possibility. I would want a get involved but funds are tight as I have just changed job, give me a month or so... Watching your Kickstarter bits with interest. http://stoppingtheredtide.blogspot.co.uk/