Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hey Eli! Where the $@#! are my Space Raptors!?

So here's the skinny folks.

This project is far from dead. It may be taking a LOT more time than I had hoped, but all set-backs aside, I think it's come a long way. Right now, the stage is set to enter the last stages of sculpting and hopefully I'll be able to get moving on that shortly enough either this month or next.

The possibility of a Kickstarter campaign still exists and I am polishing some ideas for that. In fact, I've got it set up and just waiting on a few last details before I push the big "GO" button. I am trying to keep the Kickstarter simple, as befits a start-up type campaign, and for the most part it will equate to a way for people to safely "pre-order" their space Raptors. there will be a few spiffs in there beyond product for those who really like to get into the spirit of Kickstarter but if all you want is lead, there will be plenty of options for you - anywhere from $10-100.

I know you've all been waiting and it's taking a while, but but I am still making progress and your patience is wonderful and appreciated.

Thanks for your continued interest,


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