Monday, October 8, 2012

Who are Loud Ninja Games?

As we work toward getting the Kickstarter going, I thought it might be time to take a look at who it is that make up the LNG Team.

While the primary motivating factor is myself, I owe a lot to the support of my wife, Jennifer who has offered to take on the shipping and receiving for the company - no small undertaking. My two daughters also want to help daddy with his new business two. At 13 and 9, they should prove useful in keeping me from going mad.

I am a firm believer that a single mind involved in any creative endeavor is an invitation toward single-mindedness and invariably some sort of error. To this end, I employ a steady stream of feedback and input from my close friends and gaming associates. They help keep me from spiraling into madness and flooding the Internet with armies of space bunnies or something awful like that.

Then there are those who have made tangible contributions to the company. Artists like Chris Miller and Chad Thorson and sculptors like Adam Gayford and Pedro Navaro have all lent their considerable talents toward bringing my concepts to life in pen, ink, and putty. Though they are not employees, without them there would be no LNG.

Charles Branson - Sales and Marketing
I've known Chuck forever and his real gift is in marketing. I'm an artist, which means I am prone to flights of fancy and often lack reason and clarity. Chuck is there to make sure that my ideas make it out of the whirlwind of my mind and out to your tables.

Mik Burns
Mik Burns - Creative Consultant/Designer
Mik brings to the team an incredible creative energy and some solid design ideas. His experience in the gaming hobby and working with various other projects really shines through and has proven invaluable in the recent months as I forge on toward the release of the Chuhuac - Space Raptors. 

Mik is an avid gamer, like myself and most of you, with a broad pallet of interests ranging from historical miniatures through fantasy and science fiction of all types. He's been involved in gaming-based charities (Doctors without Borders, Heroes of Armageddon and Storm Wardens) and public services like Barter Bucket  and is a regular host on the Minions of the Monster Master podcast.

With all this talent backing my crazy ideas, I have no doubt that we can make Loud Ninja Games something special and well worth the wait.

Thank you all,



  1. Thanks for the shout out! I hope I can do my part in making Loud Ninja a success!

  2. So... you've already ruled out an army of space bunnies? :)

  3. Hey Eli, Keep up the good work!

  4. How about:If we hit 1.000.000 $ --> Space Bunnies!

    Or maby Drop Bears,... Drop Bears would be cool... yes, no...

    Eagerly awaiting the kickstarter, with or without silly strech goals.