Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chuhuac - Space Raptor Kickstarter Campaign Ikimasu!!!

In true anime flair we would  like to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for the Chuhuac-Space Raptors is a go.

It's been a bit getting to this point and I'd like to thank everyone who was patient enough to sit and bite nails while we trundled through this process. Thankfully, we'll have even better, flesh-tearing nails in your hands to replace those you lost waiting and will likely continue to shred as we all watch this campaign unfold.

If I can take a moment to address you on a personal level, I'd also like to take a brief moment to explain what my "angle" was on this campaign. It's pretty simple and I had to fight to find ways to get snazzy with the rewards because really what I want to do it get you miniatures to play with. To that end, most of the rewards are structured as what are essentially pre-orders. You help the dream become a reality and you get nifty shinies to play with. The more esoteric rewards come in the form of painted figures and for those of you who really love to live the hobby, a chance to get your creativity into the mix.

Every Kickstarter campaign has had that sweet spot. This is the place where you get a mountain of stuff and you qualify for stretch goals. As a taste of things to come, I have decided to post a short blurb about what will be available to you in our sweet spot.

The goal with the Chuhuac - Space Raptors campaign sweet spot was to give you as complete a fighting force as possible with the items being presented in the campaign. for me, this meant something like a company of minis. To this end, this is what I have come up with -

Chuhuac Battle Force (67 minis total)
1 x Herdmaster (Commander)
Command Element (1 x Revered Leader (Officer), 1 x Data/Comms Tech, 1 x Medic, 1 x Recon Drone
Command Security Element (6 x Trooper w/ Assault Rifle)
2 x Combat Platoons each with Platoon Command Element (4 figures) and 4 x 6-man squads.
Each squad is made up of the following: 1 x Alpha Leader, 3 x Troopers with Assault Rifles, 1 x SAW Gunner, 1 x Plasma Gunner.

In addition to the above miniatures you will also gain access to stretch goals which will add to this force. Everything from spec ops to grav bikes are planned for stretch goals. There could even be an APC and power armor troops.

I am excited to see where this goes and thanks all in advance!



  1. Woohoo!!!
    I just backed it and I think I can just about see some special ops in the distance already!!

  2. Looks like The Worm HAS Turned...Good Man!