Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kickstarter Backers Name The Chuhuac APC

The Kickstarter campaign has produced a wealth of feedback and input on the Chuhuac as a whole and so when it came time to name their APC, we thought it'd be fun to put the task to those who backed the campaign. There were a lot of good ideas, and ultimately we went with a combination of some of my favorites with a sprinkling of a little of my own stuff.

Here is what we came up with... 


The Chuhuac have named this APC after their protective mother hens, a formidable icon in their culture. Even in modern Chuhuac society, mother's are generally absolved of any violence, up to and including murder, when it occurs in defense of young. 

The relationship between Chuhuac warriors and their APC and its crew (often female) mirrors the family bonds of mother and offspring. APC crew are often referred to as"mother", even when male, and take pride in delivering their "clutch" safely to their deployment zone. Warriors are often hyper-protective of their crew and crew seldom pay for meals or entertainment on leave. Nobody messes with a pack's crew.

Humans, having difficulty with the Chuhuac language have named the rig the Trilobite, a name they consider derisive. Even still, this high-brow nomenclature is often abandoned on the battlefield where other terms like "Lizard Limo" and "Pill Bug" are more common.

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